What Is Genetics?

It all starts within the cell
In order to understand genetics, it is necessary to learn the basics of cells. Human bodies are made of cells, and all of our organs such as brain, heart, bones and muscles are made of cells. Because cells are very tiny and fragile, we cannot see them with the naked eye, we need a microscope. Cells are living structures that grow and reproduce themselves. They connect to one another to form tissues.
A cell alone is a marvel of nature and is very complicated. Following is a basic explanation about the structure of a cell. Almost all cells have three parts:

a) A cell membrane is a live layer that surrounds the cell and connects the cell with other cells and the environment around cells. The cell membrane controls the inside and outside environments by allowing substances to move through this barrier, in both directions.

b) The cytoplasm is the inner liquid material of the cell that lies between the cell membrane and the nucleus. The cytoplasm has tiny components called organelles that work together to nourish, give energy, and manufacture and store substances.

c) The nucleus is where most of the genetic material, called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), is stored. DNA is packaged into chromosomes that are housed inside the nucleus. The nucleus is located in the center of the cell. More information is available at this link: Read more


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